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PK's Favorite Things:
2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Less talking, more gifting! Enjoy!

I can’t take credit for finding this PERFECT gift for your favorite sports fan. My friend Ashley had these in her house (for the Kentucky Wildcats, of course) and I fainted on sight of how clever they were. I’ve never seen such…and I’ve seen a lot as a professional gift hunter! Each set showcases some of the greatest plays orchestrated by your favorite team...and they have all teams to choose from, from NCAA to NFL to EPL. Truly the perfect gift for the sports fan who has everything!

I looove this company! Their soup care package is so beautifully put together, albeit a little pricey, it comes with thoughtful details like a soup ladle, rolls and cookies to complete the meal. The soup is absolutely delicious! They even have a gluten-free options for freaks like me who can no longer eat pretty much anything. They have come out with a s’mores gift that is the perfect holiday gift to send to a family or group of friends. It comes with everything they’ll need to make gourmet s’mores as well as roasting sticks and matches, if you just want to light up that marshmallow freestyle!

This could be given in several different ways and, of course, you must always pair rocks glasses with a bottle of booze! Give a set to a friend moving to a new town or to a friend who is nostalgic for their hometown. You could give a set to someone who aspires to be in a certain town (#goals) or if you have a well-traveled friend, give them a set of glasses from all the places they’ve lived. Everyone should have a few good rocks glasses and some with meaning behind them is an extra special touch.

I feel like a giant a-hole now when I use a plastic straw or really any plastic utensil…or really anything plastic. I’m sorry but if you see the damage that trash has done to our oceans, it’s really stomach-turning. I constantly eat on the go so I love the idea of having an eco-friendly set I can just throw in my bag for all eating emergencies. This has chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, two straws and a cleaning brush all in their own little carrier. There are tons of color options all over Amazon, I just picked the one featured because I love rose gold (it makes me feel like Beyoncé). All the sets are reasonably priced so pick up a few as stocking stuffers for your jet-setting and environmentally conscious friends!

Pretty much all I do on a daily basis is wake up as late as possible, take supplements, avoid about 4000 different foods, take more supplements and go to bed as early as possible…but not before taking some more supplements. Don’t get me started on my wellness schpiel…in a nutshell, I literally just want every human to take care of themselves. That’s why we are all so grouchy. As you know, I love sets/kits because you can break them up into multiple gifts to get more bang for your buck. I’ve tried almost everything in this kit and still use a few of the brands featured, including Moon Juice (which I recommended last year, hi) and Hum Nutrition. It also has a sample of WelleCo Elixir by Elle MacPherson who is 55 but looks 35 so you know I’m down to give that a try!

Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I’m constantly worrying that kids today are suffering from a lack of imagination. I really fret about it. I created my own universe with my Barbies and played in it daily. On the fringes were their immature neighbors Strawberry Shortcake & Friends and My Little Pony. (I also loved Star Wars and Legos.) 


I only picked this out to give you starting spot to explore, however, advent calendars are all the rage this year. (I found one for my cat.) There is a set of Legos for absolutely anyone nowadays. They have Friends, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Harry Potter and FROZEN 2 sets. Your child (or you) could build the Taj Mahal, a Ford Mustang, a NASA Lunar Lander, a dinosaur skeleton or a whole town! I mean it just goes on and on. I can’t get over how many different sets they have on their website. No doubt your child has an interest and being able to build a symbol of that interest would go a long way in developing their creativity and dreams! Dream on, dreamer!

I always need to have one gift from my go-to candy shop! I love this retro collab featuring EVERYONE’S favorite video game (hopefully they’ll do Burger Time next). It’s nerdy and chic! Check out the pictures to see all the cute details…it evens plays the music when you open the box! I’ll let you explore all the candies included yourself and you can be guaranteed all will be delicious and of the highest quality!

Additionally, check this out as a unique hostess gift for your favorite drunk! ;-) AND send the gift of candy through the interwebs with this!

My understanding is that paint-by-numbers is the new coloring book for adults. Listen, it’s good to have something to unwind and soothe your brain…that’s why I’m a devoted PUZZLE WORKER!!! But anyway, this Christmas, I got my parents a paint-by-numbers of zinnias (don’t tell them) because they are like professional zinnia growers. My dad splits the seeds and all sorts of fanciness, it’s unbelievable. I think we’ll have a good time doing it. If we can see it that is because we all have various eyesight challenges. Again, there are a lot of choices on Amazon and of course I got my parents’ one from the company Oprah recommended, Pink Picasso. I just loved this one though…it looks like Paris in the Springtime…ahhh, so pretty!

This is the most amazingly clever thing ever to spring into existence! If you don’t think I’m going to get one of these of Gus and hang it front and center in my home, you don’t know me at all. My favorites for him are the King of the North (GOT 4ever) and this one. I mean, I can’t. I know that each and every one of us knows a person who is obsessed with their pet, if it’s not you yourself. There are so many options to choose from and I think the price is really reasonable. I’d honestly pay triple this to have a portrait of Gus as Jon Snow. 

I love this look…sheer socks/short stockings with heels. It’s super bold but very VERY chic. This brand has athletic-look crew ones as well that you could wear with your Superstars or Stan Smiths. I think your favorite fashionista will appreciate you thinking outside the box and keeping her ahead of the trend curve because these are really starting to get popular. IG moment!

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