Mutt by PK

I affectionately refer to myself as a "mutt" because I know a little about a lot and I'm interested in a lot of things! I thought it would be fun to share my musings with you. Who knows what I'll talk about or what special guests I'll have... My future goal is to make your life richer by tossing you a useless piece of information once a week. You're welcome.

PK's Top 5 Miami Vice Musical Moments

Click below to listen to my very first "podcast" of Mutt by PK! To note, I've never done one of these before, I don't have any fancy equipment (yet; my goal is at least a giant sparkly microphone and headphones) and I don't know how to drop music into one of these so sorry you can't hear the songs I'm talking about. That said, I'd love your feedback.

Mutt Podcast #1 - PK's Favorite Things
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